Prostate Cancer Cell line Dataset with Treatments (PC3, 22Rv1 and VCaP)

Hello, I need assistance downloading the prostate cancer cell line datasets for PC3, 22Rv1 and VCaP, specifically with current treatment as a complete matrix. I would appreciate any help and/or guidance to do so. Thank you, Michael

This sounds like something that you should be able to do with the “Custom download” tool. You can define a cell line list containing PC3, 22Rv1 and VCaP, and then tell the it you want to download data for just those lines, and select those compound datasets you’re interested in.

That’ll download a CSV file for each dataset containing data for whatever compounds were screened for those lines.


Hi @pmontgom Phil, thanks for taking the time to help. I will try the custom download and let you know if it works for me. Michael

Hell Phil, I tried3 times to run a custom download for just 1 cell line and consistently got a download error - see attached.