How do I download the dataset mentioned in the first paper?


I am new to this website and I feel a bit stupid and lost. I cannot find the dataset described in the paper “The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia enables predictive modelling of anticancer drug sensitivity”. The dataset consists of 24 compounds tested on 479 cancer cell lines with more than 50,000 features.
It would be great if anyone could help me.

Sincere regards,

Hi Nguyen,

If you go to Downloads → All Data, and select “pharmacological profiling” under the “Select a file set to view” dropdown, there are a few files associated with this paper. I believe they are what you are looking for.


Thank you so much, Simone!
In case anyone else has the same problem: I also found the three multi-omics feature files with over 50,000 features (Downloads → All Data → select “DepMap Public” under the “Select a file set to view” → Version “DepMap Public 24Q2” → OmicsSomaticMutations.csv, OmicsCNGene.csv, OmicsExpressionProteinCodingGenesTPMLogp1.csv or OmicsExpressionProteinCodingGenesTPMLogp1BatchCorrected.csv).
However, there are only 474 cell lines and not 479, but this is just because it is a newer version.