Cell line list and compound list

Your list of cell lines and compounds are codes not related to the actual cell lines/compounds in the excel format. Any way to convert them into real names?

Are you referring to specific files you’ve downloaded? Can you provide those, it makes it much easier to provide help.
In my experience with the download files, the cell lines are referred to by their immutable DepMap ID, which has a lot of benefits. Then you need to look up the other identifiers - i.e. name, sanger ID etc. - using the cell line metadata file.

I am referring to the primary-screen-replicate-collapsed-logfoldchange file downloaded from Drug sensitivity (PRISM Repurposing Primary Screen) 19Q4. There were 4686 compounds and 578 cell lines. I need your help to convert the IDs into compound names and cell line names. Thank you

I got the info for cell lines but need info for compounds
thank you

I think maybe you want this file:

Or maybe:

From the downloads page if you search the name field for “info” you’ll find these and other metadata files.

I just downloaded the file, thank you