How is the # of Dependent Cell Lines a gene is essential for calculated?

For example, AAMP is essential in 732/808 cell lines when screened with CRISPR. What dataset do the numbers 732 and 808 come from?
Thank you!

The 808 represents the number of cell lines which have been successfully screened with the Avana library by the DepMap project.

The 732 is subset of those 808 which were called “dependent” based on the following criteria (taken from the bottom of the tile):

Dependent Cell Line:
A cell line is considered dependent if it has a probability of dependency greater than 0.5.
Probability of Dependency:
Probabilities of dependency are calculated for each gene score in a cell line as the probability that score arises from the distribution of essential gene scores rather than nonessential gene scores. See here for details.


Thank you, that is helpful!

May I know where I can download “Probabilities of Dependency” data from DepMap portal?
I took one more look. It seems the only way to get such data is to download the whole data file including all the genes. It works for now.