Where is probability of dependency used?

When looking at the overview page of a gene it mentions that a cell line is considered dependent if it has a probability of dependency of greater than 0.5., but when I click view details there is no mention of a dependency score. I only see CERES score being used.
Where can I find probability of dependency being used?

In the top of a gene card we report the number of “dependent lines”. For example, in this tile for BRAF, we’re reporting 47 out of 712 lines in our RNAi screen we’re called as “dependent”.

In general, we prefer to use gene effect as the continuous range of effects may have more information. However, in cases where we wish to binarize the dependencies, such as calling lines dependent or not, we use our probability of dependency. (These probabilities can be found by downloading the Achilles_gene_dependency.csv file from any release).

If you have any questions about how these probabilities are derived, you can see the link under “Probability of Dependency”. (You can see it highlighted on the screenshot of the tile above.)

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