Download numbers for fraction calculation of essentiality in Xyz/1054 cell lines

Hi there
thanks for the fantastic work and this highly valuable resource.

I would like to perform fraction calculations for essentially of a list of roughly 700 genes.

CRISPR (DepMap 21Q4 Public+Score, Chronos): 900/1054

Fraction 0.854

Either I am blind or a list containing those values is not existing?
I tried to reproduce those number with a manual thresholding but those differ slightly between individual genes?

Sorry, probably those numbers are very easy to find.

Kind regards

Hi Jonas,

Dependency is determined by probability rather than phenotype strength. You can download the matrix of probabilities of dependency from the Downloads page under Achilles_/CRISPR_gene_dependency (you’ll need to go to All Downloads).

Hi Joshua,
thanks for taking the time to understand and answer.

You are referring to the: Achilles_gene_dependency.csv, right? I can see the values range from 0 to 1.
Is there a specific threshold/cut-off you apply? Alternatively, I could also just apply my own and state this in the context of the manuscript I am working on.



Hi Jonas, 0.5 (50% probability) is the cutoff.