File download issue

Hi, everyone

I was trying to download the file, “CRISPR_gene_effect.csv” from “DepMap Public 22Q2 Primary Files” but failed. Try both Chrome to Safari but still can’t download the file.

Anyone has similar experience recently? Maybe is the server issue? It would be appreciated if the administrator can help to resolve the issue. Thank you.


We weren’t able to reproduce this problem. At the same time, I see this issue was posted 20 days ago, so perhaps there was a temporary problem which has been resolved. (Although I haven’t heard of any problem that we’ve intentionally fixed)

Are you still experiencing this problem? And when you experience the problem, are you seeing an error or what happens when you click the download link?


Hi, Phil

Thanks for checking and feedback. It seems to the DNS issue from our end. It works fine without issue after DNS fixed. Thanks!