Got forbidden 403

Hello, I was checking manually a list of 48 genes, when I got to 42 I saw the forbidden 403 message and got blocked. I was not running code on the website, just checking if genes were strongly dependent or not, so I was doing it rather fast and could have been mistaken with code. Would it be possible to reestablish access for me? my IP address is

Hello, I thought I saw this comment elsewhere with a reply. Regardless, we have some automation which identifies IP addresses which we are getting more than usual traffic and temporarily blocks them. We do this to manage the load so one user cannot adversely impact the site for others.

The block is only temporary and I don’t think it lasts very long. (Offhand, I’m not sure what it is. I think something like maybe 10 minutes)

So if this ever happens again, just try again after a bit and it should clear on it’s own.


Hi Phil, DepMap team,

I also just experienced a Forbidden 403 error. I followed the “Download input data” link on a compund predictability tab, to arrive at the custom download interface (which ticks on a number of checkmarks). The download interface actually fails for most of the files, so I iteratively just ticked off the downloads that worked. It looked like maybe the custom downloads were getting DDOS filtered or something, which eventually also led to the IP block. I’ll wait for it to time out, but maybe the download could be configured differently.