Unable to download the model.csv of DepMap Public 23Q2 Primary Files via the “File downloads” tab

I tried to download the model.csv file from DepMap Public 23Q2 Primary Files through the File Downloads tab, but the page shows 403 Forbidden nginx. I have tried many times, and through other browsers, but all have failed. I hope I can get your help, thanks!

This is curious because I can’t reproduce this. Just to confirm you’re clicking on this download link, correct? (And not right clicking and selecting “save as” or anything?)

When you are shown the “403 Forbidden ngnix” error, what does the browser show in the URL bar?


Thanks for your reply, I’m sure I clicked the download link correctly, but the page still shows 403 Forbidden nginx and the browser shows ndownloader.figshare.com/files/40448834 in the URL bar.