Unable to download the drug sensitivity data

I am noticing something strange while downloading data from DepMap. I am trying to download data for the following:

  1. Cell lines: H2122, A549
  2. Drugs: Trametinib
  3. Data: Drug sensitivity (PRISM Repurposing Primary Screen) 19Q4

When I download the data, it gives me all blank values. Last time all the sensitivity values were correctly populated.

When you say you’re downloading the data, are you using the “custom download” tool? If so perhaps you’re running into the same problem as reported in Custom downloads ?

I mention a workaround there until we deploy the new release which includes the fix.

However, if you’re experiencing a different problem, please let us know a little more information. (Are you downloading the data via the “Custom download” tab? Or a download link on some page?)


Hello Phil,

Thank you for responding.

I am trying to download the data through Custom downloads. I read the issue reported in Custom download and the issue that I am facing is different.

I am able to download the the file but the issue is that the downloaded file does not contain any data. When I had downloaded the same data last month, the downloaded file had the sensitivity values for trametinib in H2122, A549 cell lines.


Okay, thanks for clarifying. I’ll ask a developer to investigate.

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