Data Question about PRISM Drug sensitivity AUC data

Dear DepMap developers,

Thanks for developing this amazing tool!
I have some questions regarding the data structure, especially for the PRISM drug AUC data.

  1. I noticed that some drugs have multiple BROAD IDs, I guess that’s from different batches. But which one should we use? And I also noticed that almost all these drugs will have a large number of datasets and a smaller number of datasets, why’s that? Please see the snapshots as an example.
    ( I cannot post it since I am a new user)

Also, if I download the data and use it on my end, I can replicate the scatterplot of the larger number of data set, but cannot replicate the small one, and the reason is that I found more corresponding cell lines than the plot in the portal, which I am not sure why’s that.

  1. I also noticed there are multiple screen ids even for the same drug Board ID, I am also confused to use which one is correct.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!


re-post the larger snapshot:

I discovered this question was asked in two places. If anyone else is interested in the discussion, see Question about PRISM Drug sensitivity AUC data for the thread there.