Queries not answered

To the admins,

I sincerely request you to answer our queries from time to time. Without sufficient information on the data avilable, we are unable to utilise the vast information on this database. I asked a question about the units of metabolomics data last month and I still didnt get any response. Please do the needful.


Looking in the forum I see you first asked about the metabolomics data on March 24th, but didn’t get any answer. I should have at least explained that the metabolomics data was generated outside of the DepMap project, and as a result, I and the other people administering the forum have little knowledge about the details. I had hoped someone else might be able to answer your question, but it seems that no one ultimately replied.

I’ll reply on the original thread in case anyone else searches the forum for similar information in the future.


Thank you for your clarification.

Hello Phil (and others from the DepMap team),

It is great that ultimately you were able to reply to that question by Subasree. As you propose, it would be very nice if you would acknowledge the question and indicate the reason for not immediately posting a definitive answer. I myself have posted a question that has remained unanswered since February, and I am unsure if it has no replies because it is off-topic, posted in the wrong forum, very challenging to answer, incomprehensible, or just plain dumb :wink: I am also mindful of the possibility that your team has more pressing things to do first, and I respect that.

Thanks for running a great website.

Hello @AlexBlais,

It looks like your question that never was answered was 22Q4 data, mutation data missing for certain genes.

Looking at our internal tracker, we had some internal discussion and the initial suspicion was that it was likely a portal bug and it got put into a queue for further investigation, but it has sat in the queue since then. This has been idle too long and sounds like a real issue so I’ll bump it up in priority and once we have an answer, we’ll reply on the original thread.

Thanks for your appreciation and understanding.