Measurement units of metabolomics data?

What are the units of the metabolomics data of the cell lines? Are they from intracellular or extracellular measurements? I want to know to convert them into flux values in genome scale models

To the admins,

This is to bring to your notice that I am not getting a response for my queries, as is the case with many other queries. I request the fellow researchers to come forward and answer the questions if you know them. We, researchers need information to understand the various data available in your database but are unable to utilise the information correctly. Please respond to our queries as much as you can.


Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough this dataset to be able to provide an answer. This data is not part of the DepMap project’s data generation efforts, but was generated by collaborators and shared as part of the CCLE project.

We incorporated this data from some papers published from the CCLE project in 2019: DepMap Data Downloads

Specifically, for the metabolomics data, the data appears to be described in:

Haoxin Li, Shaoyang Ning, Mahmoud Ghandi, Gregory V. Kryukov, Shuba Gopal, … Levi A. Garraway & William R. Sellers. The landscape of cancer cell line metabolism. Nature Medicine 25, 850-860 (2019).

If there are additional questions that you have about the data, I’d recommend contacting the corresponding author of that paper.

Thank you,