miRNA and proteomics data in download section

In the recent 22Q4 release the download section lacks the CCLE miRNA and proteomics data that were present in 22Q2. A quick check suggests that those datasets have been expunged from other recent releases of DepMap. A group from Sanger and elsewhere published a proteomics dataset of 949 human cancer cell lines that is available at the Cell Model Passports site. But I am wondering what happened to the (previously) downloadable data on DepMap - was it considered unreliable? If I have an older version of that data, is it still possibly usable? Does this say anything about the reliability of miRNA and proteomics analysis results within the portal itself?

No, there should not have been any data removed (miRNA or proteomics) from the download section in the 22Q4 update. I’m not sure what happened to cause that.

We’ll need to investigate what happened here. I’ll update this thread once the files are restored.


It looks like I hadn’t updated this thread, so I wanted to circle back.

I’m unclear what happened here because I don’t believe we changed anything but the miRNA data appears to still be available.


similarly the earlier published proteomics data still seems to be available. I haven’t been able to find a sign that it was taken offline, and it seems to be still available.

If you are still having trouble finding it, please let us know.


Thanks so much for checking on this and for the update.