Mutations MAF file doesn't contain cell line (sample-id)

I have downloaded mutation maf file for 23Q2 (OmicsSomaticMutationsMAFProfile.maf).

I am able to read this data with maftools and it perfectly works however when I check variant.classification.summary dataframe inside this file, the mutation data linked with Tumor_sample_barcode not with sample ids.

So basically what I am trying to do is check mutations for each cell line. How can I map this sample barcode with cell lines?



Currently DepMap omics is offering data on both ModelID (ACH-xxxxxx) and ProfileID (PR-xxxxxx) levels to enable more granular data sharing. Specifically, in the download page, everything ending with the suffix “Profile” has ProfileIDs as the identifier.

If you are looking for a way to map ProfileIDs to ModelIDs, OmicsProfiles.csv should be the file you need, and Model.csv might be relevant too if you are looking for cell line name and/or metadata information.

Hope this helps!

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