DepMap Public 22Q4 expectedcount file has cell line ID issue

I downloaded OmicsExpressionGenesExpectedCountProfiles.csv from DepMap release 22Q4.

When I opened the file, the cell line ID did not appear properly and a strange ID was displayed.

Could you please confirm these issues?


In 22Q4 we introduced this new concept of “ProfileID” (PR-xxxxxx) in addition to ModelIDs (ACH-xxxxxx), and all files with the suffix “Profile” will be indexed by ProfileIDs. This change enabled us to be more transparent and share more data by allowing users to explore multiple Profiles corresponding to different sequencing modalities (RNAseq/WGS/WES) under the same model. To map ProfileIDs to ModelIDs, please see OmicsProfiles.csv in the download page. To see which ProfileIDs were used for Model-level data, you can find that information in OmicsDefaultModelProfiles.csv.