miRNA Metadata Update

Hi DepMap Team!
I am on the bioinformatics team at NanoString and received an inquiry regarding the miRNA data for CCLE a few months ago. I contacted the old Broad site while they were transitioning to DepMap, so I’m checking in with you to see if there’s anything we can do to help. It appears the miRNA data is based on NanoString’s V1 miRNA assay, and thus contains nomenclature for these miRNAs that is now years old. In addition to the name of the miRNA, your gct file also contains an nmir ID, which is an internal only accession for NanoString and does not help external people identify the updated nomenclature. I have MIMAT IDs based on miRbase, which would be much more helpful for this purpose. I would like your thoughts on updating the posted gct file to contain at least the MIMAT ID. Let me know if this is feasible. Thanks!

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Hi Erin, thanks for reaching out. Are you specifically referring to the file CCLE_miRNA_20181103.gct (the columns)? Or is there another file that you are also referring to?

Thanks for checking in! Yes, that’s the file I am referring to, specifically Name & Description columns.

Thanks for reaching out about this. This change is being deployed into this upcoming data release.

Awesome thanks Javad!