Upload of new RNA-seq raw data?

Hi DepMap,

I was wondering if you have any plan to update PRJNA523380 by uploading SRA (fastq, BAM or any) of newly added RNA-seq data like the below.


I really wish I can analyze their raw data instead of their processed data in DepMap.
If not soon, can I have any rough idea when it could be?
Thanks a lot!

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I second this. I have a project that would require re-analyzing the raw reads. Is there a way to get links to RNA-seq SRA runs?

Outside of the CCLE lines (where we’ve also organized raw data on a Terra workspace, we aren’t able to publicly share raw sequencing data. We are planning to share all raw data in an appropriately access-controlled manner (i.e. dbGaP). We’re still working to set this up. Unfortunately it’s still too early to provide an accurate estimate on when we’ll have this ready, but we’ll plan to update DMC members soon with at least an estimated timeline, as we know there’s great value in sharing these data.