Hash code for each unique file downloaded

Hello DepMap team!
This is more a request than a bug, I think. It is just I am not capable to find any info about how to get the hash code of each dataset I downloaded. I reported this request also for the DepMapRESTAPI here.
Basically in the GUI to doanload files too it would be convenient to be able to have a table specifically to link each downloaded table with its metadata, so the files wont get mixed up when downloading new files and using it in new stud cases/reports. MD5sum or SHA256 can be created in our side too, but it would be great if per each release there is a metadata file with three columns: filename, hashcode, daterelease. This would help a lot in traceability and analysis reproducibility. Many thanks for all the great work!



I don’t think I was aware of the DepMap REST API library you referred to – but it’s also possible I’ve forgotten about it. From the repo it looks like it was last updated 5 years ago, so I suspect it’s not being updated. (It appears to be written by a colleague whose name I recognize. We even shared an office years ago!)

But regardless, I have good news! I believe we already have an endpoint which provides what you’re looking for. If you download https://depmap.org/portal/api/download/files, you’ll get a table which has MD5 hashes for each file.


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That great!
Many thanks Phil