Depmap CSV files

There are hella files at the download page

Is there a data dictionary and/or schema for these files? I realize that there is probably information in papers, but it is also true that the data and formats are updated while papers describing the data can be old.

I am building a large graph from many data sources, so I might be using all or almost all of the downloadable files. It would really help to have a master document explaining how they relate.

The short answer is no, there is no data dictionary describing all the files.

The DepMap quarterly releases follow a standard format which has evolved over time. Each release has a README describing the contents of each file. Those files that represent data generated outside of the DepMap project (for example the GDSC drug screening data) likely don’t have that, and you may need to go to the original paper for information about those files.


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Hey, the readme actually has way more information than I had thought. Almost at the level of a data dictionary. This may be what I need.