Error downloading fusion data


I am trying to download the fusion data for HepG2 cell line (found here HEPG2 DepMap Cell Line Summary) but every time I click the download icon on right side above the table, i get an error message saying something is wrong with the server. How do I download that specific data?

Yes, I see what you mean. I’ll ask a developer to investigate so we can get this fixed.

In the mean time, this data is also accessible in the downloads section, with a file across all cell lines. You could download that version and filter it while we’re investigating this issue.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your response. Do you mean these files filtered_fusions_19Q1.csv/unfiltered_fusions_19Q1.csv? If so, i checked the fusions and neither of them match whats in the table exactly. If not, can you please point me to the correct files?

Thank you,

These are taken from the latest release, and the fusions can be found in the file named “OmicsFusionFiltered”. To go directly to the file you can click here

(On the topic of fixing the bug: A developer investigated and have made a fix for this in our dev environment. It turned out to be a small change. We should hopefully be able to deploy this to soon.)