keep URLs in download portal

Hi there! I have a few scripts designed to download DepMap releases from the Portal automatically on a schedule. They’ve been working fine, but recent changes to the download page make that considerably more difficult because the file can only be downloaded with a Javascript click. Specifically, the HTML no longer exposes the URLs of the files in any “a” tags. It can still be scripted, but it’s more challenging. Would it be possible to start exposing URLs again, to make things easier for those of us with scripts?

Perhaps the easiest way is to use one of the endpoints which is visible at DepMap APIs

If you fetch from, you’ll get a CSV file which contains links to download all files, and thus can avoid having to scrape the UI.

Does that address your need?


Yes, it looks like the “/download/files” endpoint is exactly what I was hoping exists. I agree that it’s much better than scraping. Thank you so much for the pointer!!