Drug sensitivity (PRISM Repurposing Primary Screen) 19Q4

Hi I’m trying to select a list of cell lines with different drug sensitivity to Olaparib using Drug sensitivity (PRISM Repurposing Primary Screen) 19Q4.
How do we interpret the log2 fold change numbers: < 0 is sensitive and > 0 is resistant?
For instance: HCC1937 cell line with a score of 0.88 is considered resistant or sensitive to olaparib?

thanks for you help

The more negative the value, the more sensitive. Values > 0 suggest that the treated cells is grew more than the control cells, which often is an artifact in the assay.



Thank you for this clarification.
I could see that the log2FC is being plotted in the box plot but there is a bar chart on top of it. The X axis is log2FC but I could not find what is on the Y axis. It doesn’t seem to be the number of cell lines. Is there any way that we can know whether a particular log2FC value after drug treatment is statistically significant or not. (For eg. if Gemcitabin treated HeLa cells is having a log2FC of -0.5, how can I know if it is statistically significant.) Could you please help me out to understand this more.

Thanks for the help.