Response to compound in different cell lines

I am very interested in the data that shows the response of different cell lines to specific compound. I would like to know more about the log2 fold change showed in the result. What parameter did you measure for log2 fold change in PRISM repurposing? Did you measure cell doubling time? Or cell number after specific days? What number did you use to normalize? Thank you so much for your help!

The PRISM assay is reading out barcode counts from pooled cell lines. The reported fold change is a comparison of those counts post treatment relative to the counts from the control.

You can read a high level summary of the PRISM assay on their website at Learn more - The PRISM Lab, or for the specific details of how the Drug Repurposing project data was generated, see the paper Discovering the anticancer potential of non-oncology drugs by systematic viability profiling