Disappearing Mutations

I’ve noticed that some mutations that occur in earlier versions of CCLE are no longer present. Specifically, the MYD88 mutation L265P appears in cell line OCILY3 in earlier versions, but this mutation is not present in any cell line in the current version of CCLE. Is there a reason why certain mutations disappear? Should I assume that the earlier mutation information is no longer valid, or is it a matter of waiting until the current mutation data is updated?


Could it be that this mutation is rare and is not recurring in other cell lines?

I’m speaking about a mutation that in a previous release was said to exist in a cell line and on a later release is no longer listed for that cell line. This is a mutation that is used to define subgroups of DLBCL.

I don’t think this is an issue of rarity so much as it is on what the stringency is for calling mutations.

What quarter was this from? I don’t see that mutation looking all the way back to 19Q2. If this is older, that is due to pipeline changes on our end.

It’s in the 2019 release. I actually see it on cBioPortal site. They downloaded it directly from the publication: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31068700/
Is the pipeline much more stringent now? I’m concerned because this is an important hotspot mutation that is strongly associated with response. I’m not sure whether to classify this line as having the mutation or not–it seems like I may have to assign some sort of likelihood to it, which complicates my analysis.
Thank you for your help!