Data Removed? Navitoclax single agent data

As of yesterday, there were several data sets for Navitoclax as a single agent (both Sanger data sets, IC50 and AUC), but today the option to choose navitoclax as a single agent is not available anymore (08Dec2023). Has this data been removed for some specific reason?

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No, we have not intentionally removed data from the Sanger datasets. We did however push a release out which had many corrections to our compound annotations and with that new mappings between the various IDs for compounds. It’s possible there was a problem with the updated ID mapping from Sanger’s IDs to our internal IDs.

We’ll investigate what happened with Navitoclax and fix the mapping (assuming what I think is the problem is correct)

Thanks for alerting us to this.



I just wanted to circle back to this: A fix was deployed which addressed how Sanger compounds were mapped to compounds from other datasets. This has restored showing Navitoclax in the Sanger drug screens.


Thank you Phil, it does indeed look better now.

Hi Phil, not sure if you are still monitoring this thread or if it is related to the same issue, but there doesn’t appear to be any single-agent cisplatin data in the new mapping either.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll file this as a bug so we can investigate.