CTRPv2.0_2015_ctd2_ExpandedDataset download Link seemingly broken

I have been trying to retrieve the CTRPv2.0_2015_ctd2_ExpandedDataset.zip file but the download seemingly links to a dead page. Is this data no longer retrievable? Or is it hosted elsewhere? any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, you’re right, we were linking to the original data hosted on a NCI server, and the link appears to have changed.

The new location appears to be https://ctd2-data.nci.nih.gov/Public/Broad/CTRPv2.0_2015_ctd2_ExpandedDataset/ (which I found by navigating to the National Cancer Institute’s CTD^2 Network Open-Access Data Portal and then selecting this specific dataset.)

I’ll put in a ticket to correct the url that the portal is using. Thanks for letting us know about this broken link.


Thank you much appreciated!