Bug - Results Dipslaying


unable to “View details” - links not working


Thanks for reporting this. I’ve confirmed and identified the problem and now that page is rendering correctly. (The problem stems from some caching we were doing on the server. Restarting the service addressed the problem for the moment, but it’s likely to reoccur.)

We’ll need to make a long term fix for this, so I’ll put that in the development queue.



The portal isn’t working well, both in terms of resolution and when clicking on view more details.


I’m sorry to hear the portal isn’t working for you. I’m putting in a long term fix for this problem in the next day or so. However, I’d like to confirm that the problem you’re seeing is the same.

Could you attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I’d like to confirm that I’m fixing the same problem as the link posted above ( https://depmap.org/portal/gene/PCMTD2?tab=overview ) seems to be rendering fine for me.

Are you seeing something different?