Calculation of frequency mutated genes

Hi. I was trying to calculate the frequency of mutated genes from CCLE_mutations.csv file of 22Q1 release, then ranking genes by frequency.

But I was really confused by the data, since the dataset seems to be specific to mutation sites, I don’t know what is the right way to combine those together.

I wonder if someone could explain a little bit about it.
Or if there are other databases could provide such information?

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Hello CXL,

The data is aggregated over all available sequencing types for a given sample. Some samples have more sequencing types than others. (also, note that we are only releasing somatic coding mutations).

So a simple method would be to just to take any available mutations in our dataset un-regarding of the sequencing type.

Whatever happens your analysis will be biased by the fact that different samples have different set of sequencing, each covering more or less well a specific set of genes.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for your reply. That really helps.

And I also have a question about ALT:REF. If I understand correctly, that ratio is the number of mutation allele by normal/reference allele, right?
So when I calculate mutation freqency of a gene, should I sum number of total ALT and REF of all entries of a gene for calculation, or I should just sum the number of entries of mutations for a gene? Which way is more reasonable and unbiased?

And when REF=0, does that really means no REF allele found at such place in sequencing?

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Yes this is right. and ref 0 really means no reads found with that mutation.

I think both metrics represent different things and it depends on your underlying question and the point you want to make. But from what you are saying I would be inclined in computing mutation frequency as the sum of all mutations that have a high enough allele frequency.


I understand. Your help is precious. Thank for providing this helpful opinion!
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