Availability of WGS or WXS data for cell lines


Neither WGS nor WXS data is on DepMap for 15 of the cell lines I need even though mutation status and other information is available for these cell lines. Is there a way for my lab to request WGS or WXS data for these specific cell lines? Thank you so much for your help.


Currently we are only allowed to publicly share the sequencing files for the CCLE cell lines in the terra workspace. However, we are actively working on registering the rest of DepMap cell lines in dbGaP so we can share them in an access-controlled manner. We will keep our users updated on the progress.


Hi Simone,

Just wanted to check in for an update on this. Are there any plans to share the raw sequencing data for the 24q2 release on dbGap?

Thanks so much!