Why do the AUC from GDSC (0-1) and CTRP (0-30) have different scales?

I have downloaded the GDSC (sanger-gdsc-dose-response.csv) and CTRP (CTRPv2.0_2015_ctd2_ExpandedDataset). I want to use the AUC as the measure of drug response but I found the AUCs have different scales, with CTRP ranging from 0 to 30 and GDSC ranging from 0-1. A possible reason may be one is fraction and the other is absolute value? Is there any way to standardize the AUC from CTRP to enable it to be between 0-1?

Hi cjlin,

Yes, your guess for the difference between the scales is correct. We kept the AUC values in the CTRP screen as in the original manuscript since the compounds in that dataset have different dose ranges.

For normalization, you can divide the CTRP AUC values with the corresponding maximum dose for each compound.