Why did some cell lines disappear from 20Q2 release?

Users have asked us about cell lines which disappeared from the 20Q2 release.

DepMap has released a revision to the 20Q2 gene expression data. RNAseq data for the following cell lines have been altered in this revision:

  • ACH-000052 did not pass a preliminary QC metric related to the total number of unexpressed transcripts. As a result, this cell line was initially removed in the 20Q2 release. However, after further evaluation, the data quality was determined to be acceptable, and it has been added back in this revision.
  • ACH-001425 has been removed as it had too few RNAseq reads. It will be nominated for resequencing.
  • ACH-001632 was mistakenly released in 20Q1, and has been removed in the current release. It will be re-released at a later date.
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