Where can I find IC50 data for cell lines listed in AUC files but not in IC50 files?

Interested in exploring cisplatin sensitivity of CCLE cell lines and would prefer to use IC50 data in my comparisons. However, there are numerous cell lines where IC50 data are not present in the files downloaded from the Custom Downloads, but AUC data are present for many of these missing cell lines. Is there a way to obtain IC50 data on all of the cell lines shown in the AUC data files? With respect to AUC data, for some cell lines the cisplatin AUC data obtained from Custom Downloads differ from AUC data obtained from AUC curves (cisplatin (BRD:BRD-K69172251-001-08-9) Drug sensitivity AUC (PRISM Repurposing Secondary Screen) 19Q4), are these from different screens? Thank you!

Hello Peter,

If I understand your question, I think you’re asking, are the IC50 values for cisplatin coming from the dataset as the AUC values? (Is that correct?)


I guess that depends because it’s possible that we have AUC values and IC50 values for at least three different screens which included cisplatin. So, the question is really where are you getting the AUC and IC50 values from.

Looking at the custom download UI, I see the following options for compound datasets:

We appear to have AUC and IC50 loaded for the GDSC screens loaded into the portal, but not for the others.

So, yes, the portal doesn’t have a way to download the IC50s for the data collected in the PRISM Repurposing Secondary Screen. If you’re getting IC50s, it must be from one of the other datasets.

Even though the IC50s are not loaded into the portal, I believe you can find the IC50s in the original data file that we ingested into the portal for the AUCs: secondary-screen-dose-response-curve-parameters.csv