Some genes have 2 labels; common essential and strongly selective

Some genes like TRIM37 and CDK11 are labeled as both ‘common essential’ and ‘strongly selective’. Is this an error or a specific double label indicating some special categories? How was this determined? Thanks

The way we’ve defined “common essential” and “strongly selective” are two independent metrics, and so there’s nothing that requires they be mutually exclusive. Some genes are labeled as both.

The definition for those terms can be seen by hovering over the “info” icon on the label:


So, it’s entirely possible for a distribution to have both a high LRT score and have a gene rank near the top for 90% of cell lines.

Lastly, looking at the distribution we can see this makes sense as there is some points out on the left suggesting that it is not gaussian. Also the mean of this distribution is fairly negative and therefore, knockout is generally toxic. (However, some cell lines have an even more extreme effect from knocking it out)