RNAseq data after CRISPR knock-out?

I am wondering where I can download RNA-seq data of cells after CRISPR knock-out studies? I am curious about how cell RNA sequence changes after knocking out of specific gene. Does any of Sanger, Achilles 3.3.8, Achilles Avana Public 17Q4 v2 or other studies provide RNA-seq data of cells after CRISPR knock-out?
Thank you so much

Hello Mei-Chi,

These assays typically are not based on sequencing and so we do not have such data.

There is some published RNA-seq datasets of some lines after CRISPR knock out of some genes (shameless plug of recent paper of ours here), but to the best of my knowledge this has not been systematically done anywhere.

Additionally the CLUE database has a tremendous breadth of post perturbation expression data but it might not be exactly what you are looking for:

Hope it helps!


Thank you so much! That is helpful!