Protein Array names issue

Hi DepMap team,

We encountered some relatively minor issues related to the Protein Array (RPPA) data which may be of interest to you.

  • Several protein names in the downloaded Protein_Array.csv file are incomplete. The names are also incomplete in the DepMap Portal. Using Supplementary Table 14 from Ghandi et al. (2019), we identified the most likely complete names for the affected proteins.

Complete Incomplete
Bap1 c-4 = Bap
p14 Arf(BetA300-340A) = p1
CD20 = CD2
Annexin 1 = Annexi
Myosin IIa pS1943 = Myosi
p62 Lck ligand = p6
p38 alpha MAPK = p3
beta Actin = bet
Acetyl-a-Tubulin (Lys40) = Acetyl-a-Tubuli

  • In the DepMap Portal the Protein Array data of alpha-Catenin is linked to the CTNNB1 gene (encoding beta-Catenin). I believe this should be linked to the CTNNA1 gene instead.

Thank you for this great resource!


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Thanks for the information. I’ll ask around to see how we can incorporate those corrections.