number of investigated cell lines in CRISPR screens.

Hi, a question regarding CRISPR screens:
it seems to me that some genes were KO’d in 1095 cell lines, while others “only” in 317 (presumably in the Score study).
Is there a reason why these genes have not been investigated in additional 778 cell lines? Are there any plans to redo the analysis for those genes with increased number of cell lines?

The Project Score data from Sanger and the DepMap data from the Broad are generated with two different CRISPR guide libraries. These two different libraries have different coverage resulting in some genes being reported from some screens and other genes being reported from the other screens.

As a result, we don’t have the raw data necessary to do the analysis to fill in the holes. We would need to re-screening the lines with a library that covers those genes in order to get that data. We currently don’t have any plans to do so as each screen is fairly expensive and we already have data for the vast majority of protein coding genes.