Number of Dependent cell lines for RNAi based on probability of dependency

When looking for the number of strongly selective dependent cell lines in RNAi screens, I observe that the numbers don’t match for some genes between the information shown on the webpage compared to information in supporting downloadable data files. For example, in the FGFR2 gene, the information on-webpage indicates there are 4 out 712 strongly selective dependent cell lines based on RNAi screen. However, based on the data file Achilles_gene_dependency.csv, there are 7 cell lines for FGFR2 with the probability of dependency >0.5.

(1) Why is there a difference in the number of dependent cell lines reported on the webpage and in the supporting data file?

(2) Which supporting downloadable data file should be used to get the list of strongly selective dependent cell lines for multiple genes based on both CRISPER and RNAi screens?

Thank you


The Achilles_ files are CRISPR screen results. RNAi gene dependency can be found on figshare at DEMETER 2 Combined RNAi.