Mouse Cell Lines

Any plans to add the standard mouse cell lines used in syngeneic models to the dataset? Seems like that would be of interest to many, and given it is likely only a handful of lines it wouldn’t distort the overall data much if that is a concern.

Hi Synbio,

Mouse lines would have to be screened in their own library. Combined with the species batch effect it is unlikely that the data could be well-integrated, and we see more benefit from screens of human cancers. So at the moment we have no plans to screen mouse lines.



Thanks for the response.

My counter-argument would be that if you look at the number of mouse models currently run for each cell line, I’d bet that the mouse syngeneic lines would far dominate (partly because there are fewer of them of course). Thus they are of considerable practical importance, and being able to compare them to the human lines would be of significant interest. So I’d argue that from the bang for the buck point of view, screening the few dozen current mouse lines would be more valuable than screening more obscure additional human lines.

It wouldn’t be too hard to segregate them and allow them to be optionally included/excluded in the displays.