Proteomics data

Is the proteomics data recently published for the CCLE lines now available through DepMaP

You can download slices of the data through the portal’s tools, such as Data Explorer.

However, to get the full set, we direct users to download the data from

Coincidentally, we are planning on posting a reformatted version of this dataset in our download section in the 20Q4 update of the portal. (This update is targeted around the beginning of November, so not too far off) The reformatted version we’ll be providing is a matrix of values with DepMap IDs for the cell lines and the format is more consistent with the other files you that you will find in our DepMap quarterly releases.

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@pmontgom: The downloadable proteomics data has been removed from the Gygi lab site, and I don’t see the new reformatted file in the Downloads section of Depmap. How do we get access to it? Thanks!

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I have the same Issue. I can’t see it available.

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I see this still listed in our development queue. I’ll see if I can bump it in priority to get added to the downloads section.