How to interpret the results about “Aneuploidy score”, "Ploidy" and " Genome.doublings"

using DepMap Data Downloads I created a data set that contains information about cell lines and drug sensitivity. The second to fourth row contains aneuploidy score, ploidy and genome doublings information. How are these scores calculated and how can I interpret the information?


These scores came from this paper. I’d recommend referring to their method section for details on how these scores are calculated.


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Thank you for the answer Simone.

Unfortunately I can’t find anything about the ploidy values shown in the table. What do they mean and how are they determined?

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Hi Marjan,

The team members that were involved in data computation have left so I am not 100% certain, but my guess would be that this ploidy was one of the outputs from the ABSOLUTE algorithm and was taken from the CCLE2 paper.


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