How to find if a drug is in the database?

Hi! How would I find whether this drug is in the database? I searched using its name and CID but the search function doesn’t seem to allow wild cards or partial matches so I’m not 100% sure it’s not absent from the database… it would be wonderful if an expert could confirm!

N-Benzylquinazolin-4-amine | C15H13N3 - PubChem

I’m actually looking for three compounds:
BRD-K43796186 (this is the one from the link above).

AFAICT, none of these have been tested in any of the data, but would be delighted if someone could confirm/deny!

That’s a good point – we don’t really have a good way to look up compounds. I believe we presently rely on users knowing the names of drugs. We’ve been talking about adding some sort of “drug dashboard” to make it more visible what all drug data we have and find drugs, but that’s a ways off.

I took a quick look on the backend for those three BRD IDs and I don’t see any sign of them in the DepMap database, so I don’t believe any of the compound screens we’ve loaded included these.

However, there is one catch: we don’t have BRD IDs for all compounds that were loaded from so it’s possible that data could have come from there and I wouldn’t have found it by searching by BRD.

You could check directly on their site if you have some identifiers you could use. (There’s a total of 304 compounds don’t have an associated BRD number and they’re all in the Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer dataset)


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