How to find a specific analysis

I want to find information on RESISTANT breast cancer cells against two specific compounds. Have been playing with the program a bit and I really do not get how to filter for cells that show a resistance to a certain chemical (simulating a secondary tumor) vs sensitive cells. If anyone has an idea on how to get this done it would be very much appreciated, this is to validate a screening of my own.

Thanks a lot.

I think the way I would do this is use cell line selector and add a track for the compound’s response AUC (assuming that we have screening data for the two compounds you’re interested in, of course):

Once added, you could then filter for only breast cancer lines and then sort by that compound AUC and pick the lines which are shown to be insensitive to that compound. (Which is to say, has an AUC around 1)

Does that answer your question, or does that workflow not produce what you were looking for?