Data incorrect in CCLE_expression_full.csv

The data in the “CCLE_expression_full.csv” appears to be incorrect as it is not consistent with the data in CCLE_expression.csv nor to the values from previous releases. For example the values for ADAR in cell-line ACH-001119 are 6.6946 in both 20Q3 datafiles (expression.csv and expression_full.csv) and in the 20Q4 expression.csv file. However, in the current “CCLE_expression_full.csv” file, for that same cell-line the ADAR value is reported as 15.06188.

Can you please post a corrected version of the “CCLE_expression_full.csv” file for the 20Q4 release.

thank you!

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Hello DOrlando,

Thank you for your feedback, we will be looking into this and keep you informed of the reason for this change on the ADAR gene.


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Hi DOrlando,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue! We have identified the underlying problem, and will be fixing the affected files in the 20Q4 data shortly. See [IMPORTANT UPDATE] Issues with DepMap 20Q4 data for more info.