Are these two cell lines same?

I think these two cell lines in CCLE_gene_cn.csv from 22Q2 release are same(see below). Would you please check it and let me know. Thanks.

ACH-000232 U-251 MG U251MG U251MG_CENTRAL_NERVOUS_SYSTEM U251-MG 905983 Male HSRRB CVCL_0021 1913 central_nervous_system Primary Brain Cancer Astrocytoma 75 SIDM00111 central_nervous_system glioma astrocytoma PT-88IC1n Astrocytoma C60781
ACH-001172 U-251 MG U251MGDM U251MGDM_Brain Male HSRRB central_nervous_system Primary Brain Cancer Astrocytoma 75 central_nervous_system glioma astrocytoma PT-88IC1n


The relationship between these two lines is explained in the following post:

In short, ACH-001172 and ACH-000232 both look like they are U251MG, however, ACH-001172 shows a distinct CN profile suggesting that it has drifted significantly from U251MG. That led us to decide to keep it registered as a distinct cell line separate from ACH-000232.