Are RSEM expected counts log transformed?

Hello, were the two files with gene and transcript level RSEM expected counts log-transformed? The Q5/22 release provides the following information:
RNAseq transcript tpm data using RSEM. Log2 transformed, using a pseudo-count of 1

RNAseq read count data from RSEM.

Could you please clarify whether the values in these two files are the log2-transformed pseudo counts or original RSEM expected counts?

I believe the descriptions are accurate. The CCLE_RNAseq_transcripts.csv is described as being log2 transformed and CCLE_RNAseq_reads.csv are RSEM’s estimate of the read counts.

The two different files have different units.

Does that answer your question or were you asking something different?


Thank you very much for your response, it answered my question. After examining the files and re-reading the description, I also realized that CCLE_RNAseq_transcripts.csv has log2-transformed TPM values and CCLE_RNAseq_reads.csv has the RSEM output of read count values. Thank you for taking your time to respond, it was helpful to get your confirmation.