CCLE gene level count data

Where can we download the CCLE gene level count data (instead of TPM data currently provided by DepMap) with protein coding genes only?

The gene level counts are in CCLE_RNAseq_reads_v2.csv and can be downloaded here. We don’t have a version with only protein coding genes. But you should be able to subset the genes accordingly.


Thanks for your reply. From the file description for the CCLE_RNAseq_read_v2_csv:
“RNAseq TPM gene expression data for just protein coding genes using RSEM. Log2 transformed, using a pseudo-count of 1”
It seems this file contains TPM data, not the count data.

I see the description you mentioned for CCLE_expression_full_v2.csv. For CCLE_RNAseq_read_v2_csv I see the following: “RNAseq read count data from RSEM”

Could you point me to where you see that description?

Sorry I clicked the data on the “Top Downloads” page therefore the description is for CCLE_expression_full_v2.csv. The description is right for CCLE_RNAseq_read_v2_csv file.