Amplicon sequencing assays for viability barcodes

Hi. I am looking for Illumina next-generation sequencing protocols for PRISM “viability” profiling of barcoded cell lines as in Corsello, S.M., et al. (2020). Nature Cancer 1:235–248; PMID 32613204 (to my knowledge, these are the 2nd generation PRISM plasmids following the first study in 2016 by Yu et al.) The Corsello study I believe uses Luminex only for measurement but I am seeking appropriate binding sites for primers to generate amplicons to sequence around the barcode in the 3’-UTR. I have not found follow-on publications that report such a NG-seq approach; if these do exist, could someone point me in the right direction please? Any relevant tips on published or unpublished sources of information is appreciated. Thank you!


For the details on barcoding and unpublished resources please check out and feel free to reach out to Our colleagues from the PRISM team would be happy to help.


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Thanks very much Mustafa. I will check in with the PRISM team with further questions.