Add a button to report a mistake in cell lines source

Hi, firstly excellent resource!
I have been compiling a list of cell in Cell Line Selector and realised that some of the Lineage Sub-subtype are inaccurate. But there is no way to report that it is indeed inaccurate. Perhaps a button to flag/alert that there is a mistake in what I assume is mined rather than manually input data.
E.g. BICR 6 cells (CVCL_2314) are listed as Upper Aerodigestive > Upper Aerodigestive Squamous > Oral whereas the cells are actually hypopharyngeal (as according to Cellosaurus I manually checked each line to ensure my list contained only cell lines I was sure of but it might save others time if there was a flag or indicator that it is under review. I also appreciate that sifting through thousands of cell lines is not a good use of time!

Another point is that some cells lines are listed as, say, Oral but these are in fact derived from metastases of these cancers. I am unsure how this information could be conveyed.

Thanks for a great resource nonetheless!


Thanks for the suggestion! In the mean time, the forum is likely the best way currently to communicate back any inaccuracies.

Related, something that’s probably worth mentioning is that in the next update, we’re planning on doing a bulk update of many of those annotations in the new DepMap release. (This was an effort that included reconciling against Cellosaurus as well as our nomenclature is going to switch to using Oncotree’s terminology and coding.) Expect to see more information on that when those changes are being released.