9-ING-41 repurposing hub data


Link: 9-ING-41 DepMap Compound Summary

9-ING-41 appears to have been screened but the data from the repurposing hub doesn’t load. Is this data available?


When you say that it appears to be screened, are you saying that because the compound page comes up?

You posted this quite a while back so things might have changed but when I try the link, I get a page that only contains the name of the compound and a broken link to the Repurposing Hub.

If I go to the repurposing hub at https://repo-hub.broadinstitute.org/repurposing-app and search for this compound, I don’t see it in the collection. Is there a reason you believe this compound with screened beyond the search in the portal recognizing the name?

The portal’s behavior is consistent with the compound name being in the portal’s database, but having no data associated with it. Our compound list in the database is a result of a merge of all the compounds from all metadata released with each drug screen we’ve ingested. I wonder if there’s examples of compounds whose metadata we ingested, but we actually don’t have any screening data. (That’s what this looks like.)

I’ll put it into the development queue to investigate more and perhaps remove any compounds which lack screening data, because it doesn’t make sense for us to report that we know about the compound if we don’t actually have any data for it.

Thanks for notifying us about this.